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Jejak Kawan Lama part II

siyesly, Allah has answered my prayers to meet u all again. :)
tp ad ag yg xjmpe. it's ok. insha Allah ad la jmpe tepi jln t.

this time, it's ZAHIDAH ZAILANI ADAMS.
take note; name Adams b4 ni xde. sbb ape?? jeng3.. it's her husband's family name!
yeah korg! she's married! tahniah Zahidahhh!!!!
wowww nmpk sgt kite smue dah besar and dah matang an.
kite smue dah lpas umur utk kawen.
tgk Zahidah! hehe.

the first time I met Zahidah was at As-Solihin.
that time she was soooo childish..
[ok i was tooo. skung dah msg2 besar kn?? :)]
haha. i still remember those moment and it's still fresh.
we were in the same class.
and I remember the first time kitorg 'lepak'.
time tu we were waiting for our parents to pick us up from school.
then we waited in the school hall.
u have Adib and I have Mirza that time.
our brothers were friends and we were friends as well.
i miss the days we sleepover at Aniz's.
kite pegi taman kt ngan umah kite tuuu..
and byk lg...

how I miss those days :(


Zahidah, ur like all grown up! Im happy for u!
(Aniz Alana, 2010) :DD
and Im happy for u too!!sgt2!
and really happy that ur happy now, dgn dh jd sumone's wife :)
Hope u have a wonderful and happy family.
*mcm dlm gamba ni :)*

May GOD bless you <3

p/s; byk lagi kte xtau pasal awak :(
hope we have the time to hang out lagi.
Insha Allah..


  1. LOL! Saibah, insha Allah, kalo ade mase nnt, kte sume leh hang out sesama. Awak, kte, Aniz and all other girls yg kte kenal kat skolah dulu... :)

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