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Please guide me, Ya Robbi

yeahh class has started. im excited. im really excited and im into this because im interested in cooking. although i not THAT interested into it, like i always cook all the time. *u get what i mean right?? ngeh3*
im taking 9 courses for Culinary Arts Management for this part 1. *sangat banyak tidak? hmm..*
i have the confidence that i will do fine to go all through this 3 years, InshaAllah.
every thing that we do, even from the smallest thing, we have to face the challenge. kan kan kan?

although we're a genius or already a professional in that particular work, we have to pray and be humble to Allah s.w.t. it's not worth it if we study real hard and we forgot our own and only God that had created us. although we succeed in life, but without praying to God, that is one of His test for us to see that if we're in the right path or not. which means that if we are an obedient servant or not when we already achieve what we want :)
May Allah give His hidayah to all of us muslims inclding to u and me. Ameen.

Ya Allah, give me the strength.
Guide me when im wrong.
Give me the knowledge for me to know every time i learn.
Give me the light to do it perfectly this time.
Please dont let me waste my time.
Dont let me be a lazy bum ever.
Please ease my burden, Ya Fattah.

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