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Jom try same same Jom

Me : Angah, Angah abes kan eh milkshake yg I wt tu?
Angah : Milkshake? Mne? Dlm fridge kee??
Me : Dh abes laa. I thought u yg abes kan.

Ummi : Oh yg smlm nye eh? Ummi yg abes kan.. HEHE.
Pg td ummi abes kan.
Bkk fridge tgk ad.
Ummi igt xde sape nk. Pe ag, Ummi abes kan lah.

Me : Oh ok. Haha. Igt kan xnk minum my milkshake sbb takut gemok, Mii [nada keperlian]

Ummi : Sedap..
Angah : Shebah, wt ag Shebah. Sedap KOT.

Yeah. I made some milkshake the past two weeks.
and every single body in the house LIKES it :)
haha. sedap sgt ke? I pon dunno. HAHA.

yeah I had the idea sbb one of my classmates made this,
'How To Make a Milkshake' for her demonstrative speech.
b4 this I had the idea nk wt gak sbb Nijaz yg did it first when I was in Aussie last year.
but he bwt msk kan berries. I wt oreo.
tp slalu xkesempatan jee.
so afta my friend's demo about how to make milkshake tu,
I pon cm terbuka ati la nk wt.
so i did it couple of weeks ago.
and yeah.. they loved it.
Ummi, Mirza, Nuha [of course], and Angah too!
Abah xtry ag. t Abah balek dr Johor Shebah wt kn taw.

pastu, last week. I went to Giant with my mommy.
she bought blueberries. minx I bwt mlikshake berry lak.
nk happy kan ati Ummi, i did that very evening.
and again. they loved it. :D
[alah, smorg wt sedap]

I don't think its gonna make u fat. coz the ingredients is healthy. :)

the ingredients :
1 cup of milk. fresh milk.
1 big spoon of ice cream vanilla. [ok myb a lil fatty :D]
3-4 oreos. depends la nk wt utk bpe org
[ if you wanna make oreo milkshake]
Lots of blueberries [if u wanna make berry milkshake.]
ikot taste anda la. if u want the berries to lighten up,
put them byk2. siyes sedap :)

*my fren yg wt demo bout ni, she puts sugar, perisa vanilla. and ape ag. I think u don't need to put these sweet things. coz the ice cream and the oreo/berries are already sweet enough:)*

the ways :
u just put them all together in the blender.
and blend them till u think it's all crushed. muahahaha.

and that's all. ur done.
then serve it in a mug.

EASY rite :)
TRY IT NOW. coz it's fun :)
like I said above, smorg wt mesti SEDAP nye :)

and ths is the hasil afta my big bro requested melutut2 soh I wat.

*the berry shakey*
special for Omma a.k.a. Ummi

*the chocy shakey*
nah Angah. amek2 :)

Thanx Angah coz u said it's delicious!

p/s: to my frens, klw nk aku wt, meh a dtg umah ;)

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  1. hi saibah!just passing by, definitely gona give this a try