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Good Luck, Lil Brother!

*wow. besar gambar ini. [haha]*
oh. kenal kan. MR HANDSOME aka
Ahmad Mirza :)

take note: focus at the red font, that's him :)

Minggu lpas Ummi gtaw I yg my one and only lil Bro dpt tawaran msk MRSM Alor Gajah, Melaka.then, I was like.. AWESOMEEE!! pehh. hebat ahh. I respect YOU lah dude..! siyesly la kan, I always happy and grateful that my family berjaya ngn cemerlang, gemilang & terbilang. [kuang3] walaupun I ni xbpe nk hebat dlm academic, but my family is. sgt2 bertuah lahh akuu. and and,
You guys are my inspiration. I dun need to make outsiders as my inspiration, ad korg pon dh cukup!

I rase bersyukur GILA and relieved at the same time for him. yelah, he's like forever trying to nk msk MRSM/SBPI. tym nk msk form 1 dlu pn ad gak try minx. tp xde rezki. so he just stayed at his old school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 7, Shah Alam smpi la form 3.Years after years struggling, he got excellent grades for his PMR. so this is the opportunity for him to enter these kind of excellent schools. Although Kaklong and I think that he doesn't need to pindah because sekolah seksyen 7 tu dh cukup hebat ohh :) tapi.. disebabkan kwn2 nye dan HER dh pndah skolah, dy pon nk pndah la. kn kn kn, Mirza?? haha. no no. jgn marah I... [IT WAS A JOKE. ni I takut nk lek umah this Chinese New Year niiii] haha :) No lah. he wants to gain more, more, more and MORE knowledge so dy dpt CAPAI dan GAPAI cita-cita yg dy impikan. I will always pray for YOU.. Ummi too. Abah too. Kaklong and Nijaz too. Angah too. uw uww. and and Nuha tooooo. and mybe.. even her?? :)


do the best in your tests, exams, activities etc.
I THINK Im gonna miss u la nyott.
I know every time I come home, your life is miserable.
RIGHT? haha. do this do that. Im sosorryy.. Mianhe :(

AHHH. dah lahh. cte sal ni. meleleh 'air liur' kangg. :(

I sentiase doakan kejayaan keluarga kite.
Ingat, Allah sentiasa ngn kite, Mirza.
whatever You do, don't easily give up.
Cheer up and don't look back.
because, after hardship will always come ease. [Dawud Wharnsby Ali]
Hope u succeed in your life,
Ahmad Mirza Muhammad Rushdan.

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  1. good luck Mirza!...
    btw... mirza xde blog?
    nuha?... hehe... ok2... merepek da ni...
    just finished taking my Pharmacology paper just now actually... balik2 'unwind' jap in front of my laptop... wish you all the best too... ur family also...