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Time Travels


Day After Day..

After 6 weeks [btol er? agak2 je. aha. eh btol la 6 weeks]
we sent them [my parents, uncles, aunts and grandpa] to the airport
for them to perform their Hajj,
either we realize or not, they are home in Malaysia already!
wow. time really does jumps freely, hah? :)

They supposedly arrived KLIA at 1230am.
but their flight had been delayed and they landed Malaysia at 0130am.
we had been waiting for like almost two hours.
yeah, we waited patiently la kn :)
but kesian kt dak2 kecik cm Husna, Hafiy ngn Nuha.
Faris dh tido lame dh dlm prem [handsome baby]
yg laen da besar pnjg, xyah risau ngat.
but yeah ksian kt Tokche gak.
penat nunggu lelame..
Demi ank2 and menantu, sggp bersengkang mata menunggu :D

shortly after we arrived KLIA

The cameragirl doing her thingg ;p

.Ayah Din & Makcik Ja.
phewiit :)

ok, the rest didnt know the 5 of us had supper. HAHA.

Three and 1/2 guys

Hafiy2.. cant stay put.

Anak Jepun mane nii..

Everbody's doing their own job.

uww uwww.. they're here :)

the Haji-Haji

the Hajjah-Hajjah

where are the rest of em? ohh ad yg da lek ;p

they all arrived home safely :)


  1. this post really made me miss Malaysia, and the people there!

  2. awww.. sbb tu u have to come back to Malaysia asap. haha ;p so when r u planning to go home? ;)