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Hello there!

Time Travels


The Arrival. xSabarsabar.. :)

Can't wait for her to come back home..
Can't wait to tell her my stories..
Can't wait to gossip² with her..
Can't wait to gaduh with her..
Can't wait to nak rase the dishes that she will make..
Can't wait for her to teach me how to make the dishes..
Can't wait to have some piece of her advice..
Can't wait for her to talk about her life when we go to bed together..
uww uww.. Can't wait for her to bring me presents from there. (HAHA)
Can't wait for her reaction when i tell her my secrets..
Can't wait to spend our time together mingling at SACC..
Can't wait for her to treat me some doughnut at Big Apple..
Can't wait for her to pick me up when she wants to hangout bersamasama..
Can't wait to hear her fav songs when we're in the car..


there's so much more that I CAN'T WAIT :)

Kaklong, balek la cepat oiii.
Missing u terribly here ;(
yeahh wlaupun KITE akan gaduh nye a nnt.
i can tell punyee. ;p
tp bile u nk balek dahh sane nnt,
perghh mesti jd baek la due² ;D
that's what sisters are meant, rite?
p/s; GOODLUCK in ur exam


  1. lol yeah but tue sbb u ske tanak bgtau i, haha tu yg jd gaduh lol ok2 try tak gadoh this time. anyway, nice blog, I like! <3 love you, see you soon! mmmuah! xoxo

  2. xbgtaw ape?? haha. bukan kite dr kck gadoh je keje? u kan taiko. pkul i sesuke ati. haha.
    thanks Kaklong. :DD see u soon ;) xoxoxoxoxo